Omos New Zealand


Omos South Pacific is a dynamic partnership between Omos Ireland and New Zealand manufacturing engineers, A.E. Tilley Ltd. Together we’re bringing the region a fresh and innovative approach to street and park furniture.

We specialise in the best; design and engineering go hand in hand in every Omos product. Our clean uncluttered European designs form a natural synergy between the aesthetic and the functional requirements of each product we produce. 

Whilst we are rightly perceived as a ‘high-end’ provider of unquestionable quality, Omos products are manufactured right here in New Zealand, ensuring that we deliver quality designed street furniture at competitive prices. 

We combine the very best in state of art technology and old world skill, resulting in a new standard in street and park furniture. We use locally sourced and certified materials of the highest quality, ensuring our tried and tested European designs keep New Zealand pure, while conforming to our environment. 






A.E. Tilley
1-7 Jean Batten Street
Wellington 6022
P.O. Box 14-122
Wellington 6241
New Zealand

tel + 64 4 387 7009
fax + 64 4 387 9114


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