Things to consider when choosing a litter bin


Before choosing a litter bin there are number of things you should consider. Often what makes a litter bin ideal for one situation makes it inappropriate for another. As well as the few pointers below, you should also consult the  'litter bin selection table' to select an Omos litter bin which meets your specific requirements.



1. Budget

We manufacture litter bins to suit most budgets, each offering a different kind of value. Where budgets are tight we suggest one of our lighter construction mild steel bins. Where the emphasis is on premium materials and design we suggest stainless steel. In between we offer aluminium or heavy duty galvanized steel.


2. Durability

Consider whether the bin is likely to subjected to severe or harsh use. Is there a likelihood of vandalism? What kind of environmental conditions will it be exposed to? How frequently will it be emptied?


3. Capacity

How busy an area is/are the bins to be located in? How often will they be emptied? Answering these questions will determine whether a 40 litre or a 120 litre bin is more suitable.


4. Misuse

A common problem in many areas is the misuse of street litter bins where they are used as receptacles for domestic litter. To counter this many of our bins are available with restrictors.


 5. Aesthetic

We offer a range of designs to cater for most environments. Many of our bins come with the option of different finishes making it possible to adapt to fit with a wide variety architectural styles.


6. Footprint

In some cases the width of the footpath or the volume of pedestrian traffic many significantly influence the choice of litter bin. We offer many shapes and sizes of bins to cater for this.