Ballyfermot People’s Park

In 2022, Dublin’s Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland opened Ballyfermot People’s Park. Situated next to the area’s civic centre, the park was initially proposed by residents. Dublin City Council Architect’s Department used bespoke Omos furniture to help realise the locals’ vision of creating a communal space for all to enjoy.

Landscape Architect

Dublin City Council Parks and Landscape Section


MCD Landscaping



Ballyfermot People’s Park
Bespoke iroko timber seating mounted on curved, Architectural Precast Concrete (APC) blocks.
Ballyfermot People’s Park
Bespoke iroko seat mounted on APC base.

The bespoke seating transformed the park into a vibrant, communal space, fostering activity the locals desired.

Ballyfermot People’s Park
s39 timber planters with bespoke stainless steel Dublin Castle detail.

Omos had previously supplied the civic centre with s39 planters in 2016. The recent above image encapsulates the practical and appealing nature of Omos products.

Ballyfermot People’s Park
Bespoke iroko and APC seating. Powder coated, mild steel armrests.
Ballyfermot People’s Park
s39 iroko and stainless steel planter.

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