Shih-Fu Peng of Heneghan Peng Architects, designers of the acclaimed new Kildare County Council Office Building in Naas town had this to say of their design. "The design for the new fence at Kildare County Council draws from the original ideas behind the New Civic Offices to create a building that is open and transparent to the people of Kildare County and Naas. The Civic Garden is at the heart of the project , it’s gently inclined surface populated by activities and events, forming the new façade for the Civic Offices.

The fence is designed to maintain the transparency of the new garden surface. The stainless steel mesh provides durability and minimal visual interruption. The horizontal framing is minimized by using a thin tensioned cable. The vertical uprights, the only visual elements stand as individual lines that create a rhythm marking movement as one walks or drives by the Civic Office. The central pivoting gates are wide enough such that when open, one feels the continuity of the pedestrian path as a continuous open public surface flow into the garden."

He went on to say of Omos "There are 2 ways to construct something, as just another job or as a way of understanding, learning, collaborating & challenging norms to achieve an architectural aspiration. Omos represents the latter."