Things to consider when choosing a seat


There are many practical as well as aesthetic considerations which influence the selection of seating. We offer a comprehensive range of seats and benches, each of which address different needs. We recognise that different environments require different aesthetics so we first recommend that you identify a product which satisfies that criteria. Next you should consider it in terms of meeting some functional criteria. Below are some of the things you should consider.


1. Is the seating required to cater for the elderly or physically impaired? If so you should consider a seat (with backrest) rather than a bench (no backrest) and you should provide armrests to make it easier for the user to return to a standing position.


2. Is the seating required to provide comfort for long durations? If so you should consider a seat for support and possibly choose a wooden surface or a contoured metal surface.


3. Do you wish to discourage people from sitting for long durations? If so consider a bench and possibly choose a hard un-contoured surface.


4. Do you foresee vagrancy as a problem and if so do you wish to discourage the use of the seating for such purposes? Consider a bench or seat with 'interruptions' along its length (such as armrests or anti-skate bars) or some other feature which makes the bench difficult to lie on.


5. Do you foresee skateboarding or other such 'sport' as being a problem in the area? If so choose a product which does not provide a continuous unbroken edge. Armrest can break the edge or on many of our products we offer 'anti-skate' blocks.


6. Is there a high risk of vandalism in the area? If so consider one of our heavier duty products, possibly one without timber.