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Leading the way in street furniture design and innovation, Omos manufactures a comprehensive range of contemporary products including litter bins, recycling bins, benches, seats, tree planters and grilles, bollards, ashtrays, picnic sets, cycle stands and shelters.


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At all times we at Omos direct our efforts at delivering products which enhance our reputation for quality, innovation and competitiveness.

But we are always looking for other opportunities to collaborate with like-minded manufacturing companies. We are continually on the lookout for products which could possibly complement our range and in doing so offer our clients a greater choice for their landscaping needs.

Such an opportunity recently presented itself in linking up with a very reputable French manufacturer Pro Urba who are manufacturers of a very impressive range of resin concrete planters - a material which is 5 times lighter than concrete, 5 times as resistant as concrete and is frost resistant.

To 'cement' this possible relationship, we recently we took an inspection trip to their factory in France and following this visit we are pleased to announce that we have now agreed an exclusive distribution agreement with Pro Urba for their full range of planters for Ireland and the UK.

You can browse their full range and view prices here.



New s16.2 litter bin unveiled!

The s16.2 is the latest in a line of litter bins from Omos Street Furniture offering unrivaled design, quality and functionality. Following on from the original s16, the s16.2 employs new manufacturing processes and technology to create an elegant and sleek new aesthetic. 

Beneath this stylish exterior lies all the strength, durability and functionality synonymous with its predecessor as well as a number of enhancements. 

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